The Sound of Climate Silence

Four debates. 360 minutes. And for the first time since since 1984, there were ZERO mentions of climate change in the presidential and vice presidential debates.

We can’t allow this presidential election to come and go without the candidates presenting a plan to address climate change. Read more at Share this video with friends and family to help end the climate silence.


    • "The only way to get a sane climate debate in our national conversation is to create a cadre of activists and citizens and voters who will balance the ledger, who care as passionately about saving the planet from ruin as those on the other side do about their industry… because they see and understand just as viscerally as the other side, that, yes, this really is a life or death issue not for one industry or one region of one state but for the planet, and every single person we love who lives on it." -Chris Hayes
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