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Toys"R"Us: We’re not buying your anti-science, anti-environment advertising

Toys"R"Us is airing a commercial that pits kids against environmental and outdoor education. And, we're not buying it. At a time when carbon pollution is rapidly changing our climate, it's more important than ever for kids to have a strong connection to forests and natural places. Kids need to learn about the direct relationship between preserving our forests and protecting our climate. Opportunities for kids to experience the outdoors should be created and expanded.

Being outside, exploring forests, and seeing America's parks, forests, and wild places firsthand can be life-changing experiences for kids. These family vacations and school trips create a foundation for the education kids need in environmental science.

Climate change is happening. Wildfires, super storms, hurricanes, and extreme weather events are putting kids and communities at risk. It's irresponsible for a trusted American toy company to downplay the importance of a solid environmental science education. Our kids will be tasked with developing solutions to our growing climate crisis -- and we all have a responsibility to engage kids in environmental science now.

Tell Toys"R"Us to pull their anti-science, anti-environment commercial now.  

The Petition

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Your anti-science, anti-environment toy ad is disrespectful and should not be aired. Learning about environmental science and playing outside should be celebrated. This commercial insults parents, kids, and educators. Our children will bear the greatest responsibilities to develop solutions to climate change, and they should understand how protecting our forests is part of the picture. At a time when so many families are impacted by carbon pollution and climate change, sending kids a message that environmental science and the outdoors are not important is the wrong message. Please, stop airing this ad.

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