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Radio Disney, Stop Pushing Oil and Gas on Kids

Under the guise of teaching our kids about “science,” Radio Disney is promoting oil and gas extraction and pipelines through a music-filled roadshow being delivered at schools and fairs across Ohio. The participatory program even includes a pipeline building competition. “Rocking in Ohio," funded entirely by the Ohio Oil and Gas Association, has been delivered dozens of times in recent months, and Disney is considering expanding the program in 2014.  

A family-focused brand like Radio Disney has no business peddling dirty energy propoganda to school kids. Energy from oil and gas is polluting our air and water, giving our kids asthma, and fueling dangerous climate impacts; like droughts and superstorms. If Radio Disney is going to engage kids around energy, it should be promoting renewable energy that is "kid safe and climate safe," not fossil fuel energy that puts them in harm's way.

The Petition

The following petition will be delivered to Disney CEO Robert Iger  

Please immediately end your partnership with the Ohio Oil and Gas Association and halt your "Rocking in Ohio" roadshow that promotes oil and gas extraction to kids under the guise of teaching them "science." Radio Disney should not be promoting fossil fuel energy that gives kids asthma, pollutes our air and water, and fuels climate change.

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