Stand with Debbie & Robert Henry as they occupy their home

Send a message to Bank of America today—DEMAND that the Henrys foreclosure be stopped immediately, and that they be granted a loan modification.
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    I’m writing today because I’m outraged to learn about your attempt to foreclose on the house of Robert and Debbie Henry at 13695 Helen St, Southgate, Michigan.

    The big banks got bailed out, and now homeowners are getting kicked-out.

    The Henrys want to pay their mortgage.  But they’ve been given the run-around for years by Bank of America, and Fannie Mae.  They deserve a loan modification with payments they can afford now that their house is worth 1/3 of what the paid for it.  As the home value dropped, Debbie fell ill and hasn’t been able to work.  

    The Henrys deserve a second chance-- just like the big banks got when taxpayers bailed them out with more than a trillion dollars of our money.

    We’re going to keep fighting until the Henrys have a fair loan modification, and big banks treat ALL homeowners fairly.