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If we want our children to have a healthy future, we need climate solutions now.

New Jersey Board of Education: Support climate science education!

The fight for climate science education has come to New Jersey. The New Jersey State Board of Education is scheduled to vote on NGSS during its meeting on July 9. According to Michael Heinz, the science coordinator for the NJ Department of Education, the only possible obstacle to adopting NGSS is clear: "External political influence that has an issue with human-induced climate change or evolution."

We must keep that from happening. With superstorms, flooding, sea-level rise, and other climate change impacts intensifying, our children must have the tools to understand, analyze, and formulate solutions to deal with a rapidly changing climate.

Tell the New Jersey Board of Education to adopt climate science education standards!

The Petition

Tell the New Jersey State Board of Education:

Please stand up for New Jersey kids and stand alongside their parents in supporting world-class science standards. I urge you to vote to adopt Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), including climate science education.

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