Take Action for Monique White

Tell US Bank CEO Richard Davis to negotiate with Monique to stop her eviction

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    Monique White bought her house in North Minneapolis in 2003, and was the first person in her family to buy a house. She went through first time home buyer classes and saved up a down payment. When she got the key to her house she was so happy she broke down and started crying . 

    Monique worked for 11 years as youth counselor at a group home for troubled teens. In February 2010, the nonprofit shut down due to state budget cuts. Although Monique still had the part-time job at a liquor store that she has had for 8 years, this was not enough to afford her mortgage payment. 

    Monique went through the process with US Bank of trying to get a loan modification. She wrote a hardship letter and repeatedly sent US Bank the information they needed. US Bank still refused. 

    US Bank also was not willing to reduce the loan amount to what the house is worth now. Monique purchased her home for $127,000 in 2003 and has put an additional $30,000 into repairs and improvements. US Bank repurchased it at a sheriff’s sale in January 2011 for $71,000. If US Bank had reduced her loan amount to what the house is worth, it would have lowered her mortgage payment by over $400.

    Monique wants to stay in the home that her children have lived in for the last eight years. Her 16 year old son is nearing graduation, and she is worried that moving to a new school district would mean he would have new graduation requirements. Also, Monique says that it feels like her late father is part of the house because one of the last things he did before he died was to help her with the downpayment.