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The Philippines is still reeling from the effects of Super Typhoon Haiyan. More than 5,000 people lost their lives, and millions lost their homes as a result of this climate disaster. Part of our job as parents is to help our kids understand the impacts of climate change, that we can all help provide relief to those being harmed right now, and how we can work together for climate solutions.

Climate Kids for Haiyan Relief lets kids help with an act of kindness or service in their home or community. Parents then “pay forward” that act and make a donation to send nurses from the Registered Nurse Rapid Response Network to help families in the Philippines.

(Photos courtesy of Save the Bay and National Nurses United) 

Three Easy Steps

Talk to your child about Climate Kids for Haiyan Relief and what they can do to help:

The news has been full of images of communities destroyed by Super Typhoon Haiyan. Chances are high that your child already knows about this climate disaster or others. When talking to your kids, always ask what they have heard already, and let them guide the conversation.

Some tips for your conversation (additional resources below):

  • Answer questions directly, if you are unsure what your child is asking, ask a follow-up question.
  • Focus on how we can help people and communities impacted by storms. Talking about the nurses who are volunteering to go to the Philippines is a great way to explain how people acting together can make a difference.
  • Let your kids know that if they are willing to do something helpful or kind in your home or community, that you will “pay forward” their good deed by making a donation to support sending registered nurses to the Philippines to help families harmed by Haiyan.
  • Focus on solutions to climate issues, and talk about why we support clean energy. All of the groups that are a part of Climate Kids for Haiyan Relief are also working for climate solutions.
  • Share your family’s emergency preparedness plan and what is being done to prevent these climate disasters.

Additional Resources:

Help your child choose their act of kindness:

After talking to your children about Climate Kids for Haiyan Relief, they may need your help to choose their act of kindness or service. Explain that by acting locally, they are helping people in their family or community -- and that you will, in turn, pay that act forward by donating to get nurses to the Philippines. Below are just a few examples to get started.

Ideas for school age kids, teens and tweens

  • Do a kind act for a family member or neighbor (e.g. help a sibling with a project, help a neighbor carry in groceries, etc.)
  • Gather gently used toys and clothes to donate to the multiple charities collecting them over the holidays
  • Write a letter to an elected official about bringing renewable energy to your community
  • Participate in a community-based volunteer activity (e.g. caroling at a children's hospital, helping out a soup kitchen, local tree planting, etc.)

Ideas for younger children

  • Give an extra hug to a loved one
  • Draw a special picture and give it away

Pay it forward! Make a donation.

After you’ve talked to your family and decided on the act of kindness or service, you are ready to make your donation. Every penny we receive will go to the Registered Nurse Response Network, helping a registered nurse get to the Philippines to provide direct medical and first aid support to impacted kids and families. Your contribution will make a difference, and your generosity is appreciated.

Donate now.

Then, tell us how you and your family took part in Climate Kids for Haiyan Relief. Share what you did, and why it felt important, and/or send a message of hope to families in the Philippines.

Share your story now.

Thank you for being a part of Climate Kids for Haiyan.

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