Thank Steven Chu For His Service

As U.S. Secretary of Energy under President Barack Obama, Nobel scientist Steven Chu transformed the Department of Energy into a climate-change fighting machine, battling the attacks of Koch brothers and Fox News to build a clean energy future. Dr. Chu just announced he is stepping down after four years of service. Sign this thank-you card in appreciation of his service to our nation and the world, and share with your friends and family.

Thank You!

Below is the thank-you note we will send to outgoing Secretary of Energy Steven Chu:

Dear Dr. Chu: Climate change is affecting Americans already, and it will continue to threaten future generations if something is not done. Your work to build a clean energy future for our children, from ARPA-E to fighting the BP oil disaster, is an example of leadership for us all. Thank you for your service to the nation and the world.

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