PBS NewsHour: Don't Promote Climate Denial

On September 17, 2012, PBS Newshour provided an unchecked platform for Anthony Watts, a virulent climate change denier funded by the Heartland Institute. This is the kind of reporting we expect from Fox News, not PBS. Please join us in calling on the PBS ombudsman to immediately investigate how this segment came to be aired and recommend corrective action to make sure a journalistic abomination like this never happens again.

Update:  In response to thousands of Forecast the Facts members, PBS' ombudsman Michael Getler has reviewed Monday's NewsHour segment featuring Anthony Watts! His review cited numerous "missteps," which caused the piece to be "widely viewed as falling short of NewsHour standards." If you want to help push the media to report on climate change accurately, join Forecast the Facts here.

The Petition

Below is the petition we’ll send to PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler:

Immediately investigate the NewsHour segment featuring climate change denier and conspiracy theorist Anthony Watts for violations of PBS standards on accuracy, integrity, and transparency, and recommend corrective action to ensure that such reporting never again occurs on PBS.

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