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ALL kids deserve to learn climate science!

Wyoming just became the first state in the nation to reject world-class science standards that teach our kids about climate change. Interest groups that pushed for this move would like to bar climate science from being taught in other states too.

Wyoming legislators voted to support a last-minute budget amendment that prohibits the Wyoming State Board of Education from spending funds to even consider the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) because students would learn about climate change in this fossil fuel-dependent state. Wyoming State Rep. Matt Teeters, who authored the anti-science budget amendment, told the Casper Star-Tribune that teaching climate change as fact would "wreck Wyoming's economy...and cause other unwanted political ramifications." Governor Mead signed the anti-science provision into law.

The Board of Education could push back against political meddling and assert its authority over setting science standards, but it will take an outcry from parents and science supporters from Wyoming and throughout the country.

Tell the Wyoming State Board of Education to stand up for Wyoming students and adopt 21st century science standards that include climate science education by signing the petition below.

The Petition

The following petition will be delivered to members of the Wyoming State Board of Education:

Please stand up for Wyoming kids and stand alongside their parents in supporting world-class science standards.

Any science standards adopted in Wyoming should be should be as comprehensive, thorough and peer reviewed as the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and like the NGSS, must include climate science. The Wyoming State Board of Education is tasked with determining education standards. The Board must be free to select the best standards that are written by educators, not politicians.  

Wyoming kids deserve an education based on high quality, evidence-based 21st-century science standards. Wyoming students need to graduate from our schools ready for college, career and a changing climate. They must be ready to compete academically with students from any other state.

We are counting on the State Board of Education to live up to its vision statement by adopting world-class science standards that "enable Wyoming students to have the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind to succeed."

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