Congratulate Gavin McInnes!

Fascinasians and are pleased to present Gavin McInnes with our inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award in Hipster Racism. His recent “Tackling Asian Privilege” is a shining illustration of Mr. McInnes’ leadership in making racism cool again. His writing exemplifies the master using the master’s tools to renovate the master’s warehouse loft -- but y’know, the master has black friends and even knows one Asian guy who agrees with him; so calm down, it’s all good my Ninjas.


A shrewd social strategist, Mr. McInnes deflects acknowledgement of his own white privilege by pinning it on Asian Americans (we very much look forward to your “Tackling Black Privilege” article, Mr. McInnes!). He then calms the unwashed masses and yellow hordes crying “Racism!” by reminding these decidedly un-hip, hyper-P.C. dum-dums that statements like, “in America, Asians live a disproportionately advantaged life where things are simply handed to them” and “These arrogant Orientals...need to recognize they got to where they are not by the virtue of hard work but by stepping on the backs of others”-- are simply the artful execution of irony and satire that anyone with half a funny bone and a pair of skinny jeans should understand. Comedy Gold! Racism Immunity!


Since Asian Americans are all too square to “get it,” Mr. McInnes has even done them the service of explaining exactly why his article is satirical, and reminds us “IT’S COOL TO BE A VICTIM BECAUSE IT’S COOL TO COMPLAIN ABOUT HOW HARD LIFE IS.”


From his founding of hipster bible VICE Magazine to his commentary on FOX News, Mr. McInnes’ insights into the Oriental experience and his ability to both speak for and about people of color make him an outstanding ambassador for contemporary race relations.

“Congratulations Gavin McInnes! You're the Godfather of Hipster Racism!