American Girl®: We want an Asian doll

We’re sisters, and we don’t agree on everything. But we definitely agree that Asian kids like us should be able to find dolls that are Asian, too.

That’s why we were really bummed out when we heard that American Girl®, the company that is famous for making dolls, is going to stop making their only Asian American doll. Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of choices for toys that like looked like us. Now what will Asian American kids do?


Join us to tell American Girl® that we want them to commit to creating another Asian American doll.




Each American Girl® doll comes with a personal story, and the stories are always very interesting. You can learn about the doll, where she comes from, and why she is different and special. If American Girl® doesn’t make an Asian American doll, then no one can learn her story.


We also think it’s important for American Girl® to make diverse dolls because we live in a diverse country. We are Asian girls and we’re part of America. There should be an Asian American Girl® doll that looks like us, too.

Will you sign the petition asking American Girl® to make an Asian doll?


It’s not just Asian kids that should be able to find Asian dolls. Every kid should be able to find lots of different kinds of dolls – because the world is filled with lots of different kinds of people. We have lots of friends of all colors who want to buy an Asian American Girl® doll, too!

Please join us today.

If you don’t have the doll, then you don’t have the story.