Eat more. Hate less.

Saturday, August 17 from 1pm on!

Joe's Steaks + Soda Shop
6030 Torresdale Ave (@ Benner St)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 


Earlier this year, Joe Groh, owner of an iconic cheesesteak shop in Philly, made an important business decision. After 64 years of being called “Ch*nk’s” (and having worked there for 34 of those years), Joe changed the restaurant’s name to “Joe’s Steak + Soda Shop.” No one can blame the guy for wanting to own a joint with his name on it. And, as Joe himself says, “It’s 2013 . . . It was time to do it."

Good people serving good food should get good business. Unfortunately, Joe has experienced backlash from local racists who have vandalized his store, boycotted his shop, and even went as far as starting petitions calling for Joe to change the name back to Ch*nk's!


We support Joe and his right to name his business what he wants -- especially after himself! We also support (and commend!) Joe in his decision to carry on the awesome cheesesteak and milkshake tradition that Sam Sherman started but without the racial slur.


Don't let the racists win! RSVP and come join us at an "eat in" at Joe's!

“Fight racism, one cheesesteak or milkshake at a time.