Take a Stand Against Campus Hate

Imagine starting your academic day opening a door with this on it:


racist sexist slur sign

Now, imagine the very next day, another racial and sexist slur is on the bathroom stall at the library.


These two things actually happened back-to-back on UCLA’s campus in November 2012. And unfortunately, these are not isolated incidents. Will you stand with us and demand that UCLA take action against hate?


Vietnamese Student Union (VSU) is urging UCLA’s Academic Senate to implement the “diversity requirement” by next academic school year. This diversity requirement would give students a balanced understanding and appreciation for their own, and other, cultures. The curriculum would address issues of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and other institutionalized systems of inequality.


Send an email to UCLA's Academic Senate Chair, Dr. Linda Sarna, and demand the diversity requirement for the next academic school year.

UCLA is the only UC that does not have a diversity requirement.