President Obama: On Lincoln’s Birthday, Shape Your Climate Legacy

President Obama has consistently sought to draw comparisons between himself and America’s most beloved President, Abraham Lincoln. But while Obama’s speechmaking is reminiscent of Lincoln’s eloquence, the President has yet to confront the fundamental moral challenge of his time: the havoc being wrought by climate change.

The upcoming State of the Union address, to be delivered on Lincoln’s birthday, provides the perfect opportunity for Obama to lay out his plans for tackling climate change.

Please sign our petition below to tell President Obama: now is the time to begin shaping your climate legacy.

The Petition

The following is the petition we will deliver to President Obama:

History will judge your presidency by whether or not you acted on climate change. Please deliver on your recent pledge to make climate change a top second term priority by outlining a detailed plan for curbing fossil fuel pollution in your upcoming State of the Union address.

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